Multifunctional auger filler in hygienic design
Bouwpac has upgraded their auger filler significantly. A lot of attention has been given to the hygienic design. Specialised in dosing and...
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New arrival: 1kg fresh yeast line
Now available, one fresh yeast packing line for 1 kg : Extruder, cutter, wrapper. Please contact us for more information!
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Powder dosing & packing > Product handling


Bouwpaco offers multiple options for reliable product and material handling. 

Rotating sieve - Dumping hopper - Feeding auger - Conveyor system - Bubble leak tester - Foil roll lifter - Packing table - Platform - Forming sets

Rotating sieve

The rotating sieve can be integrated into powder packing and production lines. 

The capacity can reach up to 6 tons/hour.

Dumping hopper

For product infeed to the packaging line. Suitable for manual feed from bulk bags or from a big-bag. Sizes and surface treatments depending on application.

Feeding auger

Hygienic designed auger feeder to ensure a constant product level inside the auger filler. With easy opening system for cleaning.

Conveyor system

EHEDG designed conveying systems, depending on the factory lay-out

Bubble leak tester

For testing the seal integrity of your Modified Atmosphere packed bags and cans.

Foil roll lifter

Ergonomic foil roll lifter in hygienic stainless steel design. Easy handling of your foil rolls to the packaging machine. 

Packing table

Multifunctional turntable


EHEDG designed platforms, according to the factory lay-out

Forming sets

Bouwpaco delivers forming sets for almost any type of vertical form-, fill- and sealing machinery.