Multifunctional auger filler in hygienic design
Bouwpac has upgraded their auger filler significantly. A lot of attention has been given to the hygienic design. Specialised in dosing and...
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New arrival: 1kg fresh yeast line
Now available, one fresh yeast packing line for 1 kg : Extruder, cutter, wrapper. Please contact us for more information!
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Yeast filtration & packing > Dry yeast packaging

Bouwpaco is the one stop supplier for custom build packaging lines for dry yeast. Every Bouwpaco packaging line is specially designed for your factory lay-out. Thanks to our 3D engineering skills, we can design the optimal configuration according to your requirements.





Noodle Extruder instant dry yeast - Vacuum packing machine - Dryer

Noodle Extruder instant dry yeast

Hygienic wash down extruder for instant dry yeast. The Bouwpaco extruder can be delivered in different lay-out executions. The design of the extruder prevents heating up of the yeast during extrusion.
The extrusion screw has Viwateq® surface treatment, and therefore no delicate (teflon) coating is required. 

Vacuum packing machine

Bouwpaco offers attractive, cost effective solutions for vacuum packing lines. From automatic high speed lines to ultra hygienic machinery for low and medium capacities.


Bouwpaco has designed a small scale yeast dryer, suitable for capacities of 100 kg/hour. Other sizes are available upon request. This dryer is a very economical solution for small scale (specialty) production or as a capacity extension of your excisting facility. The dryer has been designed to fit into a truck or a 40ft container.