Multifunctional auger filler in hygienic design
Bouwpac has upgraded their auger filler significantly. A lot of attention has been given to the hygienic design. Specialised in dosing and...
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New arrival: 1kg fresh yeast line
Now available, one fresh yeast packing line for 1 kg : Extruder, cutter, wrapper. Please contact us for more information!
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Yeast filtration & packing > Fresh yeast packaging

Bouwpaco is the one-stop supplier for custom build packaging lines for fresh bakers yeast. Whether you need to pack 500 gram blocks or 25 kg bags; Bouwpaco can serve you with dedicated machinery. Every Bouwpaco fresh yeast packaging line is specially designed for your factory. Thanks to our 3D engineering skills, we can design the optimal configuration according to your requirements




Fresh yeast Extruder - Cutter - Wrapping machine - Bagging machine - Cartoning machine

Fresh yeast Extruder

Hygienic, washdown extruder for fresh yeast.  The Bouwpaco extruder can be delivered in different lay-out executions. The mouthpiece is made according to your requested block size.

The hopper, mixers and screw have a Sublimotion treatment. This gives the following advantages:

  • Improved surface finish (Ra values < 0.6)
  • Enables effective cleaning
  • Optimal corrosion resistance 

Safe, compact, hygienic. The Bouwpaco yeast cutting machine is a fast, accurate and reliable machine. 

Available in a pneumatic and servo driven version, and for every blocksize. 

Wrapping machine

Reliable, fast and hygienic yeast block wrapper. Available in sizes for 500 and 1000 gram. Different options are available such as servo drives, checkweigher, printers. Frame made of stainless steel.

Bagging machine

The BP SiH bagging machine is specially developed for packing granulated yeast into foil bags. Hygienic design, fully wash down and CIP possibility. The BP SiH gives you big advantages compared to handwork or other packing systems.

  • bag length and pack weight free adjustable
  • Suitable for bags up to 25 kg
  • Weight accuracy within +/- 1% 
  • Small footprint
  • Robust machine with servo technology resulting in low maintenance costs
Cartoning machine

Very compact cartoning machine for automatic packing of small fresh yeast cubes. Ideal to match up inline with cube wrapping machines.
It's also possible to combine two or more cartoning machines for high speed cube wrapping lines.