Multifunctional auger filler in hygienic design
Bouwpac has upgraded their auger filler significantly. A lot of attention has been given to the hygienic design. Specialised in dosing and...
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New arrival: 1kg fresh yeast line
Now available, one fresh yeast packing line for 1 kg : Extruder, cutter, wrapper. Please contact us for more information!
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Bouwpaco designs and manufactures Rotating Vacuum Filters (RVF) for the filtration of Bakers Yeast. Whether you require a RVF with a surface of 1 or 20 square meters, Bouwpaco can deliver.

With a hygienic design and high quality materials, we ensure perfect filtration of your yeast.






Rotary Vacuum Filter for yeast - Vacuum Unit - Tanks - Emulsifier Mixer

Rotary Vacuum Filter for yeast

The Bouwpaco yeast Rotary Vacuum Filter (RVF) is an excellent example of hygienic design. The Bouwpaco RVF is standard equipped with a closed drum. The movement of the knife, trough and scraper are integrated inside the stainless steel frame.

The Bouwpaco Rotating Vacuum Filter can be delivered in every surface between 1 and 20 square meters, left or right design etc. 

Every Vacuum Filter is custom build, so we can adapt our RVF for 100% to your wishes or preferences.

Vacuum Unit

One of the innovative developments of Bouwpaco is the Vacuum Unit. Designed to give big advantages against traditional waterring vacuum pumps.

Advantages of the Bouwpaco Vacuum Unit are:

  • Up to 40% energy savings
  • Long life cycle of the pumps, thanks to water separation
  • Can be used for CIP cleaning of the complete RVF installation
  • Low noise level
  • Less foam in wastewater

The Vacuum Unit can be delivered in combination with our Rotary vacuum filter or as a stand-alone unit for your existing filter installations.

  • Salt, yeast cream & starch tanks
  • Optional CIP cleanable
  • Sizes to your specification
  • Salt in line control
  • Yeast temperature control
  • Piping
  • Skid frame available
  • Hygienic design
Emulsifier Mixer

Optimal mixing of emulsifier and yeast!

The Bouwpaco emulsifier mixer is designed to be mounted directly underneath the Rotary Vacuum Filter. The size and the capacity of the emulsifier mixer is depending on the desired output and will be designed custom made. 

The emulsifier mixer is very easy to clean, thanks to an automatic opening system of the mixing area. Also a starch discharge is included.